Ida Civic Club

Promoting Civic Unity Through Fellowship

Ida, Michigan

The village of Ida is located in the center of Monroe County, approximately four miles south of the River Raisin.  Lewis Avenue (formerly U.S. 23) is the main street through the village.  Ida is located between two interstate highways.  To the west approximately four and one-half miles is U.S. 23 and to the east approximately 10 miles is I-75.  The Michigan-Ohio border is approximately twelve and one-half miles to the south.

In the early to mid 1830's, the railroads began a movement westward from the Toledo-Monroe-Detroit corridor.  This increase in available transportation lead more of the population to move into the less populated areas extending westward out from the cities' corridor.  The township of Ida was created in 1837 by taking six square miles of neighboring townships and forming the new governmental unit.

Ida was the thirteenth township to organize in Monroe County.  It was named in honor of Mrs. Ida Taylor who lived with her family on the banks of the River Raisin.  For many years, Mrs. Taylor had been active in community affairs and was among those who believed in the future of this part of Michigan.  At the time the township was formed, the first supervisor was Hiram Carney, and there were only a few farms scattered along the southern transportation routes.  The village of Ida was platted in 1868 and is located within two townships -- Raisinville to the north and Ida to the south -- with Ida East and Ida West Roads serving as the township's common border through the village.  Later, the community would elect to create the Ida Public School District that would include all or parts of six townships and encompass approximately eighty square miles. More information about Ida Public Schools can be found on their web page at

Today, the Ida area remains largely agricultural in nature with the Ida Farmers' Cooperative being the largest commercial business in the community and the school remains the largest employer and center of activity in the immediate area.


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